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Cynthia – Producer

I have been working out at PPDTLA since they opened the studio and two years later I’m still going back for more. All of the instructors are amazing, but Erin is my favorite. Her workouts are intense and she changes it up, so I never feel like I’ve hit a plateau. Pilates Plus is a great way to get lean and I’m sore after every workout. I’m really grateful to have this studio conveniently located near my office downtown and I love that they offer 8pm classes.

The cancellation fee is pretty obnoxious, but the studio is a downtown standout.

Member since: May, 2008


I signed up with Pilates Plus at the end of May 2008. Before I signed up, I was a little intimidated by the idea of pilates since I didn’t want to feel clumsy and uncoordinated in front of a group. It had been over 5 years since I had been a typical gym rat working out with free weights and machines, and although I did get results at the gym, I can’t say I ever really enjoyed or looked forward to it.

The movement, balance and core work at Pilates Plus in their 55 minute (SD) full-body workout is completely different! It was really tough work when I first started, (it was at least a month before I could keep up and finish a class) but it was amazing just how quickly the toning and flexibility came. Seeing results early on kept me coming back for more.

The classes are fun and high energy with great music in the background, and since the groups are small – you get a lot of personal attention. The trainers are very helpful and professional and they all encourage you to challenge yourself. They customize the classes to the level of the participants, so each person gets the best possible workout for them.

The biggest surprise to me is that after all this time, I find that the classes are never routine and are always challenging. Now, 2 years later, I am still learning exercises that are brand new to me. In fact, there are also some exercises that I still just cannot do! I still even end up sore at times, from working out areas in new ways.

Considering the cost of the membership and the time dedicated to the exercise, there is simply no bigger bang for the buck. I love Pilates Plus and feel lucky to have such a great place so convenient to my work. Judy and Joy have been fantastic in creating and maintaining a comfortable, friendly and fun workout environment in the middle of downtown L.A. Who would have thought….?

Member since: May, 2008


I had been working out for a while (cardio, weights, yoga, the works), but needed a challenge. I just wasn’t seeing results. I asked around and a lot of people told me that Pilates would change my body like nothing else, so I decided to give Pilates Plus Downtown Los Angeles a shot. That was nearly two years ago. Since then, my body has changed completely. I am strong, toned, and my flexibility has increased tremendously.

The instructors at PPDTLA are inspiring and skilled at what they do. They each offer up their own unique teaching style, which means my workout is different every time I go. You would think that after more than 400 classes, it would get easy. But it doesn’t. I still get sore and am still seeing changes in my body. The people at PPDTLA take the time to modify moves for newbies and veterans alike, so everyone is getting the best workout for their buck.

Now that spinning has been added to the mix, watch out. If you are looking to get a fierce body, you have to come to PPDTLA. It’s no joke.

Member since: May, 2008

Sandra – Communications Assistant

I found out about Pilates Plus from Yelp. I was searching for a Pilates studio near me where I could take classes.  Pilates Plus seemed different than other Pilates studios because you trained on a machine for every class.  When I saw that PPDTLA was offering an amazing 3 month deal for their grand opening, I signed up immediately.  Thus began my Pilates journey.

In the first month, I could not finish an entire class, I could not hold plank positions for an entire minute and I couldn’t even get half a minute into bungee cord leg lifts.  I was very sore, so I knew it was working!

During the second month, I could see how I was improving because I could hold exercises longer and the 50 minute class that used to seem to take an eternity to finish started whizzing by.

By the end of third month, I had shed an entire dress size, looked better than I ever had in my life, and most importantly, I felt strong. I had never known that feeling before Pilates Plus, but I’ve realized that I love feeling strong…it really gives me confidence!

I had also never felt devoted to working out. Working out used to be something I did casually, or else it felt like a chore.  Working out at Pilates Plus falls into neither of those categories.  I look forward to planning my workouts and enjoy my time at the studio. There have been a few months when I have had to take breaks from membership because I have so much work, and I’m always anxious to go back to working out.

Two years have passed since I started working out at Pilates Plus, and it has made such a positive difference in my life.  My work at Pilates Plus has made me feel strong, confident and beautiful, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Member since: May, 2008

Veronica – Attorney

I am proud to say that I was a student in the very first class taught at PPDTLA in May 2008.  What I am not so proud to admit was that in May 2008, after three years of law school, the bar exam, and the stress of my first job as an attorney, my 5′ 2″ frame was carrying just over 200 pounds, over 50 of which had been packed on in 2007 alone.  I was out of shape, depressed, wearing a size 16, and mortified at what I had done to my body.

I am happy to say that today I weigh in at 155, and consistently wear a size 8, and recently have been able to slip into a pair of size 6 pants for the first time since 2005.  Even more important to me than the number on the scale or the tag is that my doctor is no longer threatening blood pressure medication, and my cholesterol levels are ideal.  I still have about 15 pounds of fat I would like to lose, but my health is no longer in jeopardy.  I look like a person who works out every day; I have muscle tone and shape to my body that I have never had before.  I even wear a bikini to the beach without a second thought!!

Make no mistake, pilates plus is not easy.  I still break a sweat and have sore muscles after a good work out.  That is specifically what I love about PPDTLA, and why I will keep coming back for more.  No matter how in shape I get, the trainers and method continue to challenge me and push me to make my body stronger.  The recent addition of spinning classes has made PPDTLA my one-stop for exercise.  The class sizes are so small, that it feels as if you are getting a personal trainer for each session.  I cannot say enough about what PPDTLA has done for my body, my mind, and my self esteem.  Congrats on your two year anniversary, ladies!!

Member since: May, 2008