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Leah – Investment Consulting

At the end of 2008 I was suffering from so much joint pain all over my body that my doctor forbid me from doing anything that could further worsen my condition, especially “traditional” gym workouts. I stopped going to the gym, at that point something I was doing every day, and joined PPDTLA in the hopes of finding a challenging workout that would make me feel better and look stronger that would also be kind to my body. After spending many years as the stereotypical gym rat I was  skeptical that I would get as good a workout doing pilates as I did on the treadmill and with weights — I was glad to be proved wrong. I was extremely sore after the first class and the instructors continue to find new ways to challenge me in every class. I have seen a significant improvement in muscle tone, I feel longer and leaner, and my flexibility has really increased. I have made new friends and look forward to each class, something I could not say about the gym! Best of all, I am exercising pain free for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you!

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