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I have always been very athletic and have enjoyed trying different ways to exercise and stay in shape. I think I’ve tried just about every exercise outlet out there, including all the typical “fad” exercises: bikram yoga, tae bo, weight training, etc. You name it, I’ve tried it. But I never found anything that kept me interested and showed me results…until I found Pilates Plus Downtown LA. I began taking classes in February 2009 and immediately became a staple at the studio. I finally found a type of exercise that keeps me coming back! I have recently switched over to taking private sessions with Jennifer and have found that I was able to target specific areas that I wanted to work on. I would definitely recommend taking private sessions so you get individual attention and have a work out that is geared particularly to you. Since starting at Pilates Plus Downtown LA, I have lost many inches, especially in my mid-section but have also been able to build muscle and keep it toned. It is the best type of workout out there…trust me I’ve tried them all!

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