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In July 2009, I received a gift Club Core membership to PPDTLA although I had never tried pilates or taken a class of this kind before. I’ve always been a team workout/gym membership kind of girl. I immediately appreciated the benefits of the workout – feeling muscles I had never felt before and perhaps had not strengthened with my past workout regimens – and I extended my membership to help me get in shape for my wedding.

After the honeymoon, my husband and I discussed the benefits of PPDTLA and I decided to extend my contract. For years I have been in and out of physical therapy with back pain from a childhood accident and old sports injuries. Pilates has provided me with substantial relief through core strengthening, muscle mobility, and increased flexibility. I am athletic but I have never before seen the full body results that pilates has given me and I am continually amazed by the capacity of the human body – my human body! I have since cancelled all gym memberships and physical therapy and I attribute this to the substantial and balanced benefits of pilates.

I now choose to work out six days a week and hate to miss a day – I have better posture, take more consideration of how I stand and walk, and really love the feeling of long, lean muscles everywhere. While a pilates workout is nothing short of intense, I find it a very critical moment of my day when I stop, focus, and BREATHE.

I have also found great benefits to the diversity of classes offered by PPDTLA and avoided any “plateau” that I associate with other workouts because I can change up how I am working out daily. The instructors are very qualified and professional, take time to address each student and her specific physical needs, and encourage you to reach your own personal goals while lending their own personal approach to pilates. The facilities are beautiful, conveniently located, and well-maintained. Judy and Joy are remarkably responsive to client needs and have really made an effort to provide exceptional customer service – unparalleled in comparison to some of the other memberships I have bought. Overall, my membership has been a worthwhile investment in my physical health and I strongly recommend PPDTLA. My husband would agree!

Member since: July 2009