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Mariam – Student

I absolutely love PPDTLA. I wanted strength training without getting bulky doing the same exercises at the gym, and I’m personally too impatient to get though a class of yoga. I usually go to about 3 pilates classes and 1 cycling class a week.

Each instructor has their own unique way of putting exercises together. My personal favorite instructor is Hollin because she has the toughest routines and a very warm personality. Erin is a great instructor as well. She is tough and pushes us to finish the exercise. For a more holistic and calming approach to pilates, Jennifer is the instructor to go to. Her Friday night classes make a great start to a weekend.

Cycling at the studio is fun too because Brian is an experienced and enthusiastic instructor. I just wish there was more space.

My only dislike is the $25 dollar fee for cancelling within 24 hours or not showing up. I understand that there should be a fee for not coming to class, but I think 24 hours is a bit too early to start charging. Especially because people are often on the waiting list. I would prefer to have the flexibility to cancel within even 8 hours of the class.

All in all I really do enjoy the studio and the instructors. For real results, people have to realize going to a couple pilates class is not going to cut it. No matter how excellent gyms or exercise studios are, it really takes an adjustment your lifestyle to get results. PPDTLA however, is one step closer to achieving that goal because the amazing instructors will push you to see that your body is capable of more than you could imagine.

Thanks for a great experience.

Member since: January, 2010


I’ve been going to PPDTLA for almost two months now.  I started with my free class and I was immediately hooked!  I signed up for the new monthly unlimited series and got my I’ve been going to Pilates Plus for three months and I am loving it.  The exercises are demanding but because we are constantly moving and challenging our minds and limbs to do the exercises well,  the 55 minutes flies by so quickly.  I love the calm euphoria that follows after each session — I love it!  Thanks for offering such a supportive environment in which I am learning what my body can do.  Lunges and bungee kicks — bring it on!

Member since: January 2010

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