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Silvia – Physician

I joined PPDTLA almost a month ago, and I am already improving my balance, stretching and posture. I didn’t have any experience with pilates before, but with the help of the instructors, I am improving my workout routines. Every class is a challenge and the instructors are great. Of course, I still get sore after the sessions and sometimes I still feel stiff and uncoordinated, but I love the feeling at the end; feeling stronger and confident. I totally recommend it.

Member since: April, 2010

Justin – Account Executive

I am on week two of my new membership and I wonder why I did not join two years ago when you opened. I have been wanting to add more stretching or yoga into my routine. Pilates is exactly what I need to my routine. I am finding myself sore in places I forgot about. The staff is very helpful as I am new, with my form and has friendly patience with me.

Thank you Pilates Plus.

Member since: April, 2010