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I did want to share what Pilates Plus has done for (to) me, because I LOVE PP!! I took one class and knew I was hooked.  After that one class I purchased a membership on Gilt City and began my addiction! I love the machines, the studio, the instructors and what Pilates Plus has done for my body.  Working out on the machines has given my body new shape and lean definition that I never had before.  I have worked with personal trainers one on one, attended beach boot camps, done spin classes and mat pilates, but the megaformer has completely changed my body.  My arms and legs look fantastic! Even being a runner never did to my legs what PP has done.  I am addicted to PP and always look forward to class, even at 6am.  I have never found a fitness regime I enjoyed and loved so much and love having PP as part of my healthy lifestyle.  I can’t get enough or stop telling (showing) everyone what Pilates Plus has done to my body.  I only wish I had taken before and after shots!

In addition to sharing with you how much I love your fitness studio, I wanted to know if the special offer for the free month of May is only an option with a 3 month plan purchase? I was planning to sign up for the 6 month autopay plan (and likely club core) and wondered if this offer would be given? Additionally, in signing up for the 3 month, is one still able to join club core? Lastly, I was wondering how it would work when a person signs up for montly unlimited classes with club core for them to use the 3 free classes that they’re given? Does this mean you could take more than one in a single day to use them? Otherwise, I’m not sure I understand how someone with unlimited options would be able to utilize the 3 free classes.

Thank you so much for your time and for hosting such a fabulous fitness studio.  I look forward to signing up again soon!


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