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With Spring in full swing and Summer just a tank top away, it’s time to get serious about that arm definition. Cue a little contest to get you and your co-workers to up your LaGree Fitness game:


Round up your #ppdtlaworksquad and earn points for each completed reservation in April. To sweeten the deal we’ll throw more points your way for your participation in our own Trainer Meg’s Wellness Nutrition 4-Week Program. Members of the group with the most points will win a month of All Access classes! Not bad for working out with your co-workers, eh?



  • A minimum of two (2) people from the same company is required to form a group entry. Verification of employment will be determined by participants’ corporate email address.
  • To enter, simply come up with a team name and have each member e-mail info@ppdtla.com from the same corporate domain with the corporate team name.
  • Group entries must be received no later than Tuesday, April 4, 2017 11:59P PST.
  • A team photo (minimum of 480 x 320) must be received via e-mail at info@ppdtla.com no later than April 5, 2017 11:59P PST.

Each member in the group will earn points individually for activity outlined below that occurs between Saturday, April 1, 2017 through April 30, 2017. Each members’ points will be added to the final group total.

  • One (1) point will be earned for each completed group class reservation (determined as “Signed-In” in the PILATES+DTLA Mindbody reservation system) that is paid for under a PILATES+DTLA purchased package. ClassPass reservations are ineligible for point accrual. All participants must attend at least one-class per week for points to be counted.
  • Five (5) points will be earned for a completed private appointment.
  • One (1) point will be added for each public social media post (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) containing a picture at the studio and the hashtag #PPDTLAWORKSQUAD posted on the same day of the participant’s completed reservation. Only one point per day per social platform can be accrued for a potential total of 3 points per day.
  • One (1) point will deducted for any no show or late-cancelled reservation or appointment.
  • Two (2) bonus points will be accrued for each week’s active participation in the 4-week Nutrition Wellness Program. In order to earn bonus points participant must have at least one completed reservation or appointment in the same week. Weeks are broken up as follows:
    1. 4/1-4/7/2017
    2. 4/8-4/14/2017
    3. 4/15-4/21/2017
    4. 4/22-4/30/2017

    Click here to sign up for the Nutrition Wellness Program.

  • If a Team Photo is not received by 4/5/2017, all individual points earned between 4/1-4/5/2017 will be voided and points will not be accrued until a Team Photo is received.


  • The team with the most points calculated on 5/1/2017 will be deemed the Winning Team of the PILATES+DTLA April Corporate Challenge. The Winning Team will be announced on PILATES+DTLA’s 9-Year Anniversary on 5/5/2017.
  • Each member of the Winning Team will receive a prize in the form of one All Access Unlimited Month (value $229) series deposited into his/her account. The All Access Unlimited Month can be activated at any time by making a reservation to trigger the series’ start date. Standard no show and late-cancel policies apply.
  • The PILATES+DTLA April Corporate Challenge prize can not be traded in for cash.

Ready to win? E-mail us now with your corporate team name to enter!

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