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I’ve been going to PPDTLA for almost two months now.  I started with my free class and I was immediately hooked!  I signed up for the new monthly unlimited series and got my money’s worth by working out almost every single day of my unlimited month. The quality of the instructors and small class sizes are key to the success of PPDTLA and the reason why I decided to commit to a 6-month unlimited series. The number of classes available on the schedule makes it easy to fit in a workout before or after work.  I especially like the fact that I can workout everyday and alternate between cardio and strength training.  My favorite classes are SD with Sara, SPX/SPX 80 with Judy, and REV with Brian.  I wish they would add more REV classes since Brian’s class is in such high demand.  As membership grows, I hope they will consider lowering the 24 hour cancellation policy to possibly 12 hours as things do come up such as having to work late or emergencies.  However overall this policy has helped keep me dedicated and committed to the schedule I set out for myself each week.  The key benefits of PPDTLA are the variety of classes and times, easy online access (including Facebook/Twitter tools), and most importantly the personal attention you receive in class.  PPDTLA has enabled me to make a lifestyle change and keep committed to my health and fitness goals.

Member since: February 2010