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Janey – Physical Therapist

I absolutely hate going to the gym to work out.  But I have been interested in Pilates and found PPDLTA website.  I decided to take a free class and dragged my unwilling husband to go with me.  One class and I was hooked.  To my surprise, so was my husband.  We both signed up the next day and have been going for the past few months.  It’s expensive but if you sign up for the monthiy unlimited, it’s not too bad.  Also got a deal on the core package at the end of the year so we get extra savings.

We love it.  It is a great workout.  After 50 minutes, you’re sweating and shaky and feeling great.   It focus on core strength, flexibility and posture.

We go 3 times a week because that is all we can handle.  I’m too sore to do more.  It’s only been a few months but my hubby now has his 6 pack back.  I’m still working on mine but I have more energy and I feel stronger.  Both our posture seems to change.  I know I am standing up taller.

All the instructors, I’ve worked with are great.  They will work you and all with a super sweet smile.  Try it!  Won’t be disappointed.

I feel great and I’m so happy I found this place that will whip me back into shape. Yay!

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