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Changed Lives

Pilates Plus Downtown LA & Long Beach is proud to be instrumental in the physical transformation made with our clients. Read and be inspired by the stories from our PPDTLA/PPLBC family members. For more reviews, check our Yelp profile.


I grew up dancing and when I stopped 5 years ago, the weight came on.  Since then, I’ve tried working out at the gym, yoga, going to bootcamps, but I couldn’t stick with any of it.  When I began going to PPDTLA I instantly loved it, and had to get a membership ASAP.  I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with all instructors, who all push in gentle but productive ways. Not only are the instructors amazing, but I feel stronger each week, feel healthier and am trimming down.  Because of all this, I know I’m going to stick it out with PPDTLA!

Member since: December 2009

Janey – Physical Therapist

I absolutely hate going to the gym to work out.  But I have been interested in Pilates and found PPDLTA website.  I decided to take a free class and dragged my unwilling husband to go with me.  One class and I was hooked.  To my surprise, so was my husband.  We both signed up the next day and have been going for the past few months.  It’s expensive but if you sign up for the monthiy unlimited, it’s not too bad.  Also got a deal on the core package at the end of the year so we get extra savings.

We love it.  It is a great workout.  After 50 minutes, you’re sweating and shaky and feeling great.   It focus on core strength, flexibility and posture.

We go 3 times a week because that is all we can handle.  I’m too sore to do more.  It’s only been a few months but my hubby now has his 6 pack back.  I’m still working on mine but I have more energy and I feel stronger.  Both our posture seems to change.  I know I am standing up taller.

All the instructors, I’ve worked with are great.  They will work you and all with a super sweet smile.  Try it!  Won’t be disappointed.

I feel great and I’m so happy I found this place that will whip me back into shape. Yay!

Member since: December 2009

Neetu – VP Product Development (Wholesale Jewelry)

What can I say but PPDTLA is the best pilates studio in Los Angeles! I have been going for about 6 months and I have soo much more energy, gained muscle and overall just feel soo much better about myself!

All the instructors are highly motivating and are very patient and correct us to make sure we’re doing the move right. They really care and it helps being in an intimate setting, usually no more than 10 people.

My favorite it the REV class at 6am with Judy, this class combined spinning, pilates and jump roping…it’s a killer class but I feel unbelievable after.

Member since: October, 2009


In July 2009, I received a gift Club Core membership to PPDTLA although I had never tried pilates or taken a class of this kind before. I’ve always been a team workout/gym membership kind of girl. I immediately appreciated the benefits of the workout – feeling muscles I had never felt before and perhaps had not strengthened with my past workout regimens – and I extended my membership to help me get in shape for my wedding.

After the honeymoon, my husband and I discussed the benefits of PPDTLA and I decided to extend my contract. For years I have been in and out of physical therapy with back pain from a childhood accident and old sports injuries. Pilates has provided me with substantial relief through core strengthening, muscle mobility, and increased flexibility. I am athletic but I have never before seen the full body results that pilates has given me and I am continually amazed by the capacity of the human body – my human body! I have since cancelled all gym memberships and physical therapy and I attribute this to the substantial and balanced benefits of pilates.

I now choose to work out six days a week and hate to miss a day – I have better posture, take more consideration of how I stand and walk, and really love the feeling of long, lean muscles everywhere. While a pilates workout is nothing short of intense, I find it a very critical moment of my day when I stop, focus, and BREATHE.

I have also found great benefits to the diversity of classes offered by PPDTLA and avoided any “plateau” that I associate with other workouts because I can change up how I am working out daily. The instructors are very qualified and professional, take time to address each student and her specific physical needs, and encourage you to reach your own personal goals while lending their own personal approach to pilates. The facilities are beautiful, conveniently located, and well-maintained. Judy and Joy are remarkably responsive to client needs and have really made an effort to provide exceptional customer service – unparalleled in comparison to some of the other memberships I have bought. Overall, my membership has been a worthwhile investment in my physical health and I strongly recommend PPDTLA. My husband would agree!

Member since: July 2009

Sharon – Human Resource Administrator

Pilates Plus DTLA is a great beer gut buster! Though I probably don’t go as often as I should to get real results, it does keep my belly in check.  The best thing about pilates plus is that it’s a total body workout! Even though I’ve been going for several months, I love how it’s challenging every time I go.  It’s also great that the instructors are there to make sure you give it your all!

Member since: May 26, 2009


I have always been very athletic and have enjoyed trying different ways to exercise and stay in shape. I think I’ve tried just about every exercise outlet out there, including all the typical “fad” exercises: bikram yoga, tae bo, weight training, etc. You name it, I’ve tried it. But I never found anything that kept me interested and showed me results…until I found Pilates Plus Downtown LA. I began taking classes in February 2009 and immediately became a staple at the studio. I finally found a type of exercise that keeps me coming back! I have recently switched over to taking private sessions with Jennifer and have found that I was able to target specific areas that I wanted to work on. I would definitely recommend taking private sessions so you get individual attention and have a work out that is geared particularly to you. Since starting at Pilates Plus Downtown LA, I have lost many inches, especially in my mid-section but have also been able to build muscle and keep it toned. It is the best type of workout out there…trust me I’ve tried them all!

Member since: January 2009

Betty – Senior Manager, Employee Communications

I have been doing Pilates Plus now for over three years and I cant live without it! I recently got pregnant and in the beginning, I was so tired all the time that it was hard for me to drag myself to classes but going to the classes was the best thing I could do for myself. It gives me energy, keeps me in shape and helps relieve back tension. I am four months already and because of Pilates people cant even tell I am pregnant. When I don’t go to class for a few days, my back hurts and I feel groggy. I cant ever see myself stopping because it’s the perfect workout and all of the instructors there are so nice and helpful.

Member since: December, 2008

Leah – Investment Consulting

At the end of 2008 I was suffering from so much joint pain all over my body that my doctor forbid me from doing anything that could further worsen my condition, especially “traditional” gym workouts. I stopped going to the gym, at that point something I was doing every day, and joined PPDTLA in the hopes of finding a challenging workout that would make me feel better and look stronger that would also be kind to my body. After spending many years as the stereotypical gym rat I was  skeptical that I would get as good a workout doing pilates as I did on the treadmill and with weights — I was glad to be proved wrong. I was extremely sore after the first class and the instructors continue to find new ways to challenge me in every class. I have seen a significant improvement in muscle tone, I feel longer and leaner, and my flexibility has really increased. I have made new friends and look forward to each class, something I could not say about the gym! Best of all, I am exercising pain free for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you!

Member since: November, 2008

Jennifer – Property Manager

I love Pilates Plus Downtown LA! I’ve been going religiously for about 4 months now and I’ve never been more fit in my life! The classes are fun and every instructor brings their own style to each session! I’ve tried many other types of classes around downtown and this is the only one that has brought the results which made me want to stick to it. In just these few months I am much more toned, my energy level is up, and my endurance has improved significantly. Before Pilates Plus I could not even do a push up and what I love about it is that anyone can succeed and see improvements – I’ve already dropped a dress size!

Member since: October, 2008


With my impending wedding date approaching I was desperate to try anything to tone up for the big day. I was jogging, doing yoga and eating well but wasn’t achieving the toned results I was after. I took my 1st class at PPDTLA and after I walked out I wasn’t sure if I was going to puke or faint. I didn’t do either of course, but it did show me what a real workout felt like. I was determined to conquer Pilates Plus so I signed up for a month unlimited and began going 3 times a week. My body began to change so quickly that my co-workers noticed and two of them signed up as well. Safe to say when I walked down the isle I had never looked better. I have PPDTLA to thank for that!

Member since: July, 2008

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